• Legal - refer or consult with an elder law attorney, provide expert opinion for courts in determining level of care

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  • Communication - keep family members and health professionals up to date on your older adult's well-being and alert everyone to changing needs

Even if you have to pay for an Aging Life Care Professional for out-of-pocket services, the work they provide in arranging for quality cost-effective care and easing the worry for older adults and their loved ones can make the initial costs well-worth it. They are also a great addition to the caregiving team.

How Does an Aging Life Care Professional Help You?

        Aging Life Care Management Services:

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When hiring an Aging Life Care Professional, check the person's background and experience. He or she should have formal education in social work, nursing, gerontology or a related field and have been working in this field for several years.  They are also familiar with costs, quality and availability of resources in their communities. Ask for references and verify them. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating an Aging Life Care Professional.

How Much Does an Aging Life Care Professional Cost?

Most Aging Life Care Professionals work in fee-for-service agencies and bill privately for services. Please note they all bill differently. Long-term care insurance policies may cover some services. Check with your policy to find out if it covers this type of service. In addition, some employee assistance programs may cover Aging Life Care Management Services as a benefit.


  " My mother is in the early stages of dementia and lives with me. Kathleen helped me to

      understand how to keep her safe and how to address difficult behaviors at home.

      She also helped me to find the right kind of support so that I could take better care of 

      myself."— Joan N.

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What Are Their Qualifications?


  " Kathleen has been a very helpful aging life care manager to our family. She guided us through 

      finding the right nursing home for our father. We are thankful for her patience and guidance."              — Bob G.

  • Home care services -to determine services that are right for your older adult, help families hire and monitor those services

Whether families live five miles away or 5,000 miles away, professional Aging Life Care™ Management is the solution to the overwhelming decisions that have to be made. With a certified Aging Life Care Professional® at your side, you and your family can be confident that a knowledgeable professional is close by looking out for the older adult's best interests.

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Aging Life Care™ Management Services

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Traditional medical insurance and Medicare do not cover Aging Life Care Management Services. An Aging Life Care Professional  can refer a client for any skilled services that Medicare covers.

  • Medical management - go to doctor appointments, facilitate communication between doctor, patient family and make sure patient follows doctor's instructions
  • Needs assessment - to identify problems and to provide solutions
  • Financial - may include review or supervision of bill paying, consulting with accountant or the person who has Power-of-Attorney
  • Social Activities - find social, recreational, or cultural activities to improve quality of life

  • Safety and Securitymonitor older adults, recommend technology to improve security or safety, watch for changes and potential risks for abuse or fraud
  • Entitlements - provide information on Federal and state entitlements, connect older adults and families to local benefits programs
  • Housing - help evaluate and chose the right housing