Marianne describes herself as a writer who happens to be a nurse. She writes this work of fiction based upon her care for the elderly. It's a tenderly told love story about Jack and Sara, owners of a New England bed and breakfast. Sara is stricken with Alzheimer's and Jack becomes her caregiver.

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A thank you to Jean Lee, author of Alzheimer's  Daughter, a memoir  who graciously and generously provided these book summaries and image  credits.  Jean is currently working on a  series of books for ages 9-12 entitled Lexi's Triplets, written through the voice of the family mutt.

Looking for Something Great to Read?

Here are five engaging books on Alzheimer's disease and dementia that I highly recommend. This collection provides readers with honest insights, a better understanding of the cause and effects of the disease and strength for the caregiver's journey.  Click on the title of the book to read reviews and to order at Amazon.

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Jean's memoir details her journey caring for both parents who were diagnosed on the same day. It is written with wincing honesty about the cruel affects of the disease, but a WWII love story held together by faith and family is contained within the pages.

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Shannon writes this work of fiction through the eyes of a small-town teenage girl, Delia, whose elderly neighbor, Old Red Clancy is failing mentally. The aged gentleman has to be placed in a care facility, but Delia will not let him wither away. She devises a way for the whole community to remind Old Red how important he has been in all of their lives. 

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 Vicki details the daily challenges,  

 turbulent emotions, and painful 

 decisions involved in caring for her

 parents. Laced with humor and pathos,

 reviewers describe her book as “brave,”

 “honest,” “raw,” “unvarnished,” as well

  as a “must-read for every 

  Alzheimer's/dementia patient's family.”

  Vicki wrote this story to offer hope to

  others, to reassure them that they’re

  not alone.


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​​Greg O’Brien’s story isn’t about losing someone else to Alzheimer’s, it is about losing himself. Diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, he has tackled the disease by writing about the journey, providing a roadmap for how not to give up.

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