​​​​​​​​Create a Meaningful Legacy

What is the most important thing to pass on to the next generation?

A majority of older adults view transmitting their values, core principles, and life lessons as their most important legacy; yet, few make provisions for this in their will or estate plan.

The greatest body of wisdom in history is going extinct as millions of our elders pass away. Their irreplaceable life lessons can not be overstated.

To answer the call, the Living Legacy Project was formed in 2008 by Dennis Stack and Tom Cormier with the goal to provide families with free education and tools to record and pass down legacy stories.

The award winning Legacystories.org website and mobile app was develop for this purpose. 

  • ​​​You can document and preserve your heirloom recipes, family traditions, legacy letters, photos, poetry, wishes for the future, wisdom statements, and life lessons.

  • Write and record legacy stories about your ancestors, childhood, marriage, family, education, career, military experience, faith and spirituality, special memories and more. 

  Together we can give elders a chance for their voices to be heard

  and give future generations a chance to listen! 

​​​Whether assisting an elder, a loved one in care, or preserving your own legacy stories— all you need to do is create your own free LegacyStories.org account and start reminiscing with purpose and build a legacy portfolio that will last for generations.

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"Your story is the greatest legacy that you leave to your friends. It is the greatest legacy you will leave to your heirs" —Steve Saint

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BrightStone ElderCare Solutions, LLC  is proud to be an ambassador for the Living Legacy Project at LegacyStories.org. The Living Legacy Project was founded in 2008 with a mission to educate and motivate people to write and/or record their legacy stories and pass down to heirs their life lessons, values, and traditions.